Welcome to the home of the 2016 Cape Fear Academy Cross Country Team

Wilmington, NC


Mideastern Conference Opener | 8-25-16 | Hugh Macrae Park

Boys: 10th of 11 – Avg Time: 20:28
Abel Zukerman top finisher

Girls: 5th of 9 – Avg Time: 23:16
Summer Beesly 6th place OA.
Girls beat 3A/4A public schools Ashley, White Oak, and Topsail.

Jungle Run |9-4-16 | Southview High School

Boys Invitational: 12th of 27 – Avg Time: 19:06
Top Finisher: Alex Nadaud 31st Place

Girls Invitational: 8th of 24 – Avg Time: 22:39 (Team Record)
Top Finisher: Summer Beesely 11th place
2 Individual Medalists (Beesley – 11th, Smith – 20th)

Arendell Parrott Academy |9-7-16 | Kinston, NC

Results Here
Our squad ran about two miles at steady state before running the race. Many of our team members were focused on pace rather than race position. the course was about 3.03 miles.

Boy’s Top Finisher: Abel Zukerman – 19:09

Girls Top Finisher: Summer Beesely – 20:13

Seahawk Invite |9-10-16 | Hugh Macrae Park (New Course)

Boys Varsity: 7th of 12 – Avg Time: 21:20 – Beating Coastal and Ashley
Top Finisher: Abel Zukerman 28th

Boys Middle School: 1st Place
Top Finisher: Evan Das 4th – 11:28 (1.6 mile)

Girls Invitational: 7th of 10 – Avg Time: 27:12
Top Finisher: Kate Smith 11th place – Meadalist

Jeremy Gaines Invite |9-21-16 | Fayettville Christain School

Boys Championship – 3rd of 6 – Avg Time: 20:07 – Missing second by one point. It is obvious now. FCS is the team to beat.
Medalists: Abel Zukerman 4th, Tanner Macpherson 11th, Erik Head 13th

Girls Invitational: 1st of 7- Avg Time: 23:00 – Beat runner up FCS by 10
Champion: Summer Beesley (21:20),  Runner-up Kate Smith, Olivia Pasin (6th), Headley Gessner (13th)

Greensboro Invite |9-24-16 | Hagan-Stone Park

Boys Invite: 7th of 12 – Avg Time: 21:05 – Some solid performances on our first trip to the rolling terrain.
Top Finisher: Abel Zukerman 66th – 19:08

Boys Middle School: 2nd of 10
Medalists: Erik Head 16th – Tanner Macpherson 18th

Girls Invitational: 15th of 15
Top Finisher: Kate Smith 27th place – 22:14

Hugh Macrae Hokem Karum |10-5-16 | Hugh Macrae Park

Cape Fear went 3,4,5,6,8 for the win against Coastal Christian and Southeastern Home School.

Top Team: Abel Zukerman and Kate Smith – 3rd overall.

New Hanover County Championship |10-13-16 | Olsen Park



Boys Championship: 6th of 6 – Avg Time: 19:32 – Eleven personal bests for a sub-20:00 average time.

Top Finisher: Abel Zukerman 25th – 19:04

Girls Championship: 5th of 6 – Avg Time: 22:21 – Outstanding efforts from our team including 3 personal bests and one season best.

Top Finisher: Summer Beesley 5th – 20:37 – New CFA Middle School Record, beating Katie Jackson’s 14 year old record from 2002.

Join us at our next meet, The Coastal Rivers Conference Championship – October 19 – 4:00 PM – Hugh Macrae Park


3:30pm Course Walk Through
4:00pm Boys Varsity
4:40pm Girls Varsity

Our Team Log on STRAVA


2015 Girls – Coastal Rivers Conference Champions

2014 Boys – Coastal Rivers Conference Champions

2013 Boys – Cape Fear Independent Conference Champions

2012 Boys – Cape Fear Independent Conference Champions

2011 Girls – Cape Fear Interdependent Conference Champions

2015 Coastal Rivers All Conference Athletes

Summer Beesley
Kate Smith
Emily Esposito
Olivia Pasin

Alex Nadaud
Max Hall



Colin Hackman

Colin Hackman


Jay Kranchalk

Jay Kranchalk


Kim Mueller

Kim Mueller



Alex Nadaud - 17:01 5k - High School Record

Alex Nadaud - 17:01 5k - High School Record

9/19/2014 - Wake Med Cross Country Course

Nadaud set the school record on the less than easy Wake Med course his Sophomore season during the Adidas Cross Country Challenge in Cary, NC

Mason Boyles - 18:25 5k - Middle School Record

Mason Boyles - 18:25 5k - Middle School Record

10/26/2007 - McAlpine Park - NCISAA Championship

Margaret Raney - 20:14 5k - High School Record

Margaret Raney - 20:14 5k - High School Record

10/24/2008 - McAlpine Park - NCISAA Championship

Raney was the top finisher for CFA in 2008 and 2009 in the NCISAA State Championship.

Summer Beesley - 20:37 5k - Middle School Record

Summer Beesley - 20:37 5k - Middle School Record

10/14/2016 - Olsen Park - New Hanover County Championship


The Cape Fear Academy athletic program is geared toward traditional team sport competition in grades 7-12. The athletic program is an integral part of the student’s full educational experience. It is CFA’s desire to promote character and teach many values to the students. The values that help athletes and competitors to become responsible adults include: sportsmanship, leadership on and off the field, commitment to one’s team or activity, critical thinking during practice and competition, time management, self-discipline, and enjoyment. The Cape Fear Academy athletic department encourages all students to take full advantage of the variety of athletic offerings during their years in the Middle and Upper Schools and encourages and allows for participation by all students at any level of competition. The CFA goal is to challenge student athletes to strive to be the best they can be on and off the field. It is beneficial for athletes to have fun, to fight adversity, to risk failure, to get up when knocked down, to compete as diligently as possible, to not use excuses, and to learn how to win and lose gracefully. Our desire is to build positive memories.

Good sportsmanship is a trademark of Cape Fear Academy. Students are expected to make a special effort to welcome visiting teams and their fans. As representatives of Cape Fear Academy, students must behave in exemplary fashion at all times. Athletes, coaches, and spectators are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship in all competitions and venues.