Product Review

Brand: Rudy Project

Model: Ladies Noyz

Color: Crystal Pink, of course

Retail Price: $179.00-$259.00

Of all my pink running gear the Rudy Project Noyz is one of the most useful, second only to my pink Garmin.  I have struggled trying to find sunglasses that would not slide of my slightly smaller than normal head especially when sweaty and running against our coastal winds.  I discovered the Rudy Projects at Try Sports when I actually won a pair of the $200.00+ shades at a member meeting and then spontaneously gave them to a deserving and very appreciative friend. My only reasoning was that she really wanted them and the bright orange clashed with my pink!

My previous prospective of the Rudy’s was that they looked similar to the protective eye wear that I wore while working in the lab.  This all changed when I saw the Pink ladies Noyz while filming a news piece with Claire Hossman.  During the outdoor segment we went on a quick jog and I immediately noticed that I could barely feel the super light frames and the customized fit I acquired by moving the nose piece.  The Noyz are not only great at protecting your eyes from the intense sun with its adequate lens coverage but you also look pretty in pink while avoiding pollen and leaf debris!  I’m speaking from a ladies point of view but the Noyz comes in so many different frame colors and lens choices it’s like being at the fuzzy peach and customizing your masterpiece.

Lenses are interchangeable and also can be RX’d

Over 10 frame colors

6 regular lens colors

5 Impact X- Photochromic lens colors

1 polarized lens color

1 photochromic polarized lens color

(also 5 colors for the nose pad!)