As a race director, there is nothing better than wrapping up an event with smiles on the faces of your racers.  It’s a good feeling — we know, we run and direct races too.Trusting that the region’s most state-of-the-art race timing company has your back is Step One in creating a successful racing event.

If your timing is not spot-on, or your course isn’t measured correctly, it may be tough to get your racers back to try your race again next year.  That’s why Go Time uses only cutting-edge RFID technology that allows real-time results and features that separate us from any other race timer.

The Experience

Does every race you run announce the name of each and every finisher as they finish?  Why not?  Every race we “run” does.  It’s all a part of the Go Time! experience.

A good event starts and finishes with accurate timing, and servicing the needs of athletes.

How We Time

With Go Time there are no mats to slip on, no tags to pull, no timing chips to recover, and no waiting for a print-out of results.  Go Time uses the  Jaguar Timing System.  This system features a disposable sensor on each race bib that is captured by our computers as the participant crosses the finish line, resulting in the most accurate race results instantly.

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ACTIVE/HY-TEK Certified Contractor

Active HyTek

Text Messaging

We also have the ability to customize your racers experience with SMS text messaging of results as they cross the line.  That’s right, as racers return to their cell phone the results will be waiting.


Announcing & Results

Runners names can be announced as they cross the line using our state of the art “Announcer” software.  We can also help you broadcast your results live on-line for professional experience like no other.

DID YOU KNOW? Racing is fun. We do! Does it show!?

Do runners deserve the very best in technology?  Does your race?  We think so. If you are looking for a fun group of people who care how your race is produced, give Go Time Inc. a run. We strive to make sure that all Races Run Well.